Full Perm ZAFIA Odyssey Gloves Bento.

Odyssey Gloves FatPack

Odyssey Gloves Maitreya

Odyssey Gloves Slink

Odyssey Gloves Vista

ZAFIA Odyssey Gloves is a Full Perm. Sold separately for Maitreya Bento Hands, Slink Dynamic hands and Vista Bento Hands. Also available a FatPack with all bodies.







Sansar Creator Beta is open.

More than two months ago I was invited to participate in the creator preview in Sansar. We have participated in the creation of content and collaborating with the developers. These images belong to some experiences I have visited and mine own experience Minimalisms, which is still in the process of being created, as well as some of my articles in the market.

Minimalims 4

Minimalims 8.png

Minimalims 2

Minimalims 7

VISIT EXPERIENCE: https://atlas.sansar.com/experiences/zafiavesta/minimalisms

Wood Pergola Sansar

SANSAR MARKETPLACE: https://store.sansar.com/listings/c9ceb99b-988d-443e-96fb-3f1548b977e4/wood-pergola-sansar-collision-mesh

Zafia Vesta 9

SANSAR MARKETPLACE: https://store.sansar.com/listings/186ce584-9f3c-4404-9d82-867427f7b9ab/twist-lampe-collision-mesh

Petal Lamp Main Market 3

SANSAR MARKETPLACE: https://store.sansar.com/listings/cd7f693d-35c5-4276-81b1-695b5a987dd3/petal-lamp-no-collision

Zafia Vesta 7