Terms and Conditions

Full Permissions Terms and conditions.

1– None of my items can be given as freebie under any condition

2- My items cannot be given away in HUNTS or similar organizations.

3– Your product must be an end product. Never Full Perm. It shouldn’t enable or encourage your buyers to re-create them. That involves not including UV maps, Shadow maps, Normal maps or any other material that helps fashion designers and builders to create their products using my templates.

4– My items can not be sold with my textures under any condition. Minor tweaks to bend around this rule are not accepted (such as changing the color: it shouldn’t resemble the original). UV Maps, Shadow maps and Normal maps are also considered as my textures.

5- The price can not be any less then 25% of its current selling price.

6-One item can be licensed to only one avatar. Buying one item and transferring it to your alt avatars or colleagues is not allowed.

7-My items can only be sold in Second Life inworld and SL Marketplace.

:: Can I sell your items in Second Life as it is ?

– My items can not be sold with the textures provided

:: Can I sell your items on Marketplace?

Yes providing above conditions.

:: If you don’t want us to sell textures why do you include full perm textures in your packages?

Textures are included to USED not to SOLD.

Textures can be used  to add details (logos, names, designs etc.) or tweak them for their personal use.

Textures can be used as visual guide while creating your own textures, it is just extra tool for texture making

Textures can be used to learn texturing

Textures are modify because : The owners can download them to their hard disk

Textures are copy because: In case something goes wrong (such as deleting the original textures)

Textures are transferable because: Some people get others to tweak their textures. So this enables owners to transfer textures back and forward. It also prevents confusion as I sell my items Full Perm, If I made some elements not full perm it might be confusing for some users. (Full perm is a Second Life term used for ability to modify, copy and transfer).

:: Can I transfer your item which I purchased to my alt avatar to work on with my alt avatar?.

No, it is not allowed, you must purchase it with your alt avatar separately to obtain a legal copy.

:: Can I transfer your item I purchased to the person who work for me, or to my partner so that they can work on it?

No, it is not allowed. One item can be licensed to only one avatar. Any third party must purchase the item to obtain legal copy.


Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.